Our group is a welcoming, down earth group led by experienced teachers with many years of experience of Capoeira Angola in Brazil. Both Beginners and those who have done capoeira before are welcome.Join our blossoming group learning to play Capoeira. While learning to keep your wits about you you will learn movement, music, rhythm and new ways of looking at the world. Capoeira is one of the defining arts of African Brazil expressing the essence of resistance to oppression, dedication to beauty and skill and collective play. Enslaved African's provided the base on which Capoeira Angola developed into a mature art form with complex music, lyrical, ritual and physical self-expression. Classes currently on Wednesdays at 7.30

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Class is cancelled this Monday (28th) and Wednesday (30th). Back to normal on Monday the 4th.

Hi all, 

This coming week Vitoria and I are in Italy -visiting a friend and also going to Mestre Valmir's workshop (take a look at http://capoeirangolapisa.jimdo.com/). 

Goia, with Austin, Toca and many others will be in Palestine on a Capoeira tour- take a look at the website for more information on this amazing idea  - http://capoeirapalestine.wordpress.com/

Once Goia is back he will be talking more about the experience and organising events to disseminate the tour and its objectives further. 

But for these reasons class is cancelled this Monday (28th) of November and Wednesday (30th). Back to normal on Monday the  4th.

It also means as both Toca and all of us will be away there will be no roda at the end of this month. 

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