Our group is a welcoming, down earth group led by experienced teachers with many years of experience of Capoeira Angola in Brazil. Both Beginners and those who have done capoeira before are welcome.Join our blossoming group learning to play Capoeira. While learning to keep your wits about you you will learn movement, music, rhythm and new ways of looking at the world. Capoeira is one of the defining arts of African Brazil expressing the essence of resistance to oppression, dedication to beauty and skill and collective play. Enslaved African's provided the base on which Capoeira Angola developed into a mature art form with complex music, lyrical, ritual and physical self-expression. Classes currently on Wednesdays at 7.30

Friday 7 June 2013

Mestre Armando's Workshop tomorrow:

Mestre Armando places a lot of focus on fundamental elements of Capoeira. His classes will not seperate out into sections eg music, movement etc but combine all the elements together during the workshop.

On Saturday and Sunday we will be serving food and snacks. On Saturday we are preparing a Feijoada (both meat and vegetarian) and on Sunday lighter foods.

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